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Anarchists in Bristol have ruptured a 1,300 litre heating oil drum at the home of Charlotte Leslie, the Conservative MP candidate for Bristol North West.

The attack, which flooded Mrs Leslie’s garden with 1,300 litres of oil, happened alongside graffiti attacks on her car on May 2nd, although the spillage was only discovered yesterday.

In a post on the insurrectionist anarchist website, the group, who signed off as ‘Thatcher’s Children’ and described themselves as ‘vandals with a conscience’ stated: “After destroying the homes and working lives of millions of people and their families, it’s payback time for the Conservative party.” The communique continued: “We thought we’d share a bit of the stress back that’s been imposed on us and make life a bit more difficult for this champion of the rich. A country house in Easter Compton? Delightful! Four cars for one household? That will do nicely!”

Mrs Leslie hit back at the vandals saying “they have forgotten the luxury of the political system in which they operate, and take for granted, like the spoiled children of a careless millionaire.” Mrs Leslie, known to be an outspoken supporter of the Avon and Somerset Police operation to crack down on property damage and direct action by activists, is fighting to keep the key marginal seat of Bristol North West in tomorrow’s election.

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