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The Get Heard Bristol election night was a rammed and fiery event, attended by up to 400 people at the Malcolm X Centre on the 20th of April 2015.

Local people gave personal testimonies and asked the candidates for the Bristol West constituency challenging and well researched questions.

The event was co-organised by The Bristol Cable, Acorn Community Union, Bristol Somali Media Group, and Ujima Radio.


Listen to the whole event in audio here:





Photo Gallery by Bryony Ball:


Filming and Editing: Marina Pérez Trigueros

Sound: Alec Saelens

Video Production: Alec Saelens & Marina Pérez Trigueros

Voice Over: Adam Cantwell-Corn

Event Organisation: Adam Cantwell-Corn (Bristol Cable), Alon Aviram (Bristol Cable), Alec Saelens (Bristol Cable), Stuart Melvin (Acorn), Dean Ayotte, Julz Davis (Ujima Radio), and Abdi Mohamed (Bristol Somali Media Group)

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