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The wealthy owner of a local estate agent will get a shock today.

The leafy suburbs and Georgian mansions of Syned Park saw an unusual sight today. Jessica McLean, a single mum facing an eviction (read her story) by Jess Properties  served the owner of the estate agent with a 6,000 signature strong petition. The petition demands that Jess Properties “stop the revenge eviction against Jessica and allow her to remain in the property with a new tenancy agreement.” Through the intercom at the gates to the house, the occupant refused to accept the “delivery” or comment on the petition.

Accompanied by several supporters, this door step delivery signals the latest move in the campaign led by Jessica and ACORN community union to prevent the eviction of Jessica and her two kids. The notice requiring Jessica to vacate the house expires on the July the 3rd, from which date a court order will be needed to instruct baliffs on behalf of the landlords.


The demand to vacate the house by Jess Properties comes after an initial £50 monthly rent increase, an initial legally invalid notice of eviction and an admission by Jess Properties that they sought to increase the rent by 20-25% on a new tenant.

Jessica, who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, accepted the initial rent increase. Unresolved major damp and leaks continue, amidst multiple other issues Jessica has addressed herself, as Jess Properties refused to. Despite this, in late April, Jess Properties then proceeded to issue a ‘Notice to Quit’ requiring Jessica and family to leave by the 3rd of July.

Whether or not Jess Properties will yield to the petition’s demands is yet to be seen. Either way, The Bristol Cable will be following closely how this very human story of a national housing crisis plays out.

Find out more about the campaign and ACORN here.

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