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The Cable needs you. It’s as simple as that. The people of Bristol are the city’s lifeblood – and the Cable’s. For one pound per month you can join 350 members (and counting!) and become co-owner of a different media. A media that is democratically owned and run as a co-operative. The Cable doesn’t have billionaires and corporate advertisers bankrolling our operations and shaping our message. Our commitment is to original, authentically sourced journalism. All created by volunteers, at least for now.

Here at the Cable, we believe media should be a public good. A tool for holding the powerful accountable, investigating wrongdoing, and amplifying people’s voices and ideas.

The Bristol Cable in Numbers

17.10.14 – Public launch date

40,000 – Free magazines shared across Bristol

87,000 – Unique web hits to

900 – People who have attended over 30 free workshops, trainings and events

350 – Co-op members in July 2015, contributing average £3 per month

1000 – Number of members needed to build sustainability and start paying volunteers and contributors

The 350 of you who have already joined the Cable are all legal shareholders. That’s massive!

Think about it, most of the media in the country (including the Bristol Post) are owned by media barons and unelected lords. These individuals and companies have huge financial and political power that’s actively preventing positive change. We’re flipping that pyramid on its head. But we need more of you – to double membership to 700 and above – in order to be sustainable.

So if you haven’t already done so, please join and own the Cable media co-op for just £1 per month! Get challenging investigations and quality multimedia on the issues affecting our lives and communities. Get free access to training and events and discounts in local businesses. Decide how local media is run, what issues to cover, and who to take to task. And, if you want to get further involved, check out the roles you can take up detailed within!

In Bristol and beyond we need a new model for the media. We need a real and direct alternative – locally owned and produced journalism that is broad, challenging, informative and fresh. This is a good start. Let’s see it through!


All content is currently created on a volunteer basis. If you like what The Bristol Cable is doing please become a member of the co-op or donate today!


Support the journalism Bristol needs.

Thanks to the 2,000+ members who support the Cable, our in-depth journalism is free for everyone. Together, we empower readers with independent and investigative local reporting. Join us and be a part of Bristol’s reader-owned media cooperative.

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