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Thangam DebbonaireThangam Debbonaire MP - Bristol West, Labour

"I'm backing Yvette. That’s because I believe she's the best person to lead our party, to take on the Tories, to stand up for the equality we believe in and, most importantly, because she gives Labour the best chance of winning the general election in 2020. I want someone who is proud of the achievements of past Labour governments, someone with the intellect and experience to unite the party and move it forward, and someone who has a strong track record of battling inequality, poverty and injustice.

As a committed member of Yvette’s campaign, it would feel disloyal to give another name here. But I’m proud to support Ben Bradshaw in the election for Deputy Leader. He has the experience and ability to do a fantastic job and is a brilliant campaigner who has just trebled his majority in a former safe Tory seat. He knows how to win in the South – vital if Labour is to regain power in five years and rebuild a society and economy that works for everyone.

The leadership contest has generated a lively debate over the direction of our party and our role in Britain’s future. In Bristol West we now have over 3,000 members and supporters, a threefold increase since the start of the year and with a particularly big rise in the number of younger members. This gives us a great opportunity to become a stronger campaigning party, effectively pushing back against the Tory government’s reckless and damaging policies.
To do this we need to be united, whatever the outcome of the leadership election. We need to stay focused on our duty to those who are suffering at the hands of this government."

Karin SmythKarin Smyth MP - Bristol South, Labour

"I shall be voting for Yvette Cooper.

Yvette has the intellect, passion and values to be a great leader and the next Labour Prime Minister. She has been consistently effective on the front bench as shadow Home Secretary; she shows vision with an alternative on the economy; and she unsettles David Cameron with her common touch. Labour has always led the way on equality & diversity and I'm really keen to see a woman lead for the first time in our 115 year history.

Without question she is the candidate the Tories fear most.

Yvette is also best placed to unite our party and capture the strengths and ideas from across our movement. However, those who tell you ‘anyone but Corbyn’ risk adding to the tone that turns people off politics. We must take the opportunity that this surge in interest in our party offers us by continuing to debate the range of views of members and supporters, whilst committing to winning the election in 2020."

Kerry McCarthyKerry McCarthy MP - Bristol East, Labour

Didn't respond to our request for comment.


Mark BradshawMark Bradshaw - Contender for Labour party candidate for Bristol Mayor

"It is for Labour member's to decide and not for me to influence their decision for Leader. The mayoral selection is entirely different as I am a candidate. And I fully respect the vote, and as a candidate, the outcome also."

Marvin ReesMarvin Rees - Contender for Labour party candidate for Bristol Mayor

"I believe Andy Burnham represents and stands for the kind of Britain I want: economically and politically inclusive, socially mobile and compassionate. He raises the right questions about the over reach of the market and the importance of the role of the state not only as a provider of services but as a means of ensuring democracy can stand in the face of the power of big business and big economies. I know all the candidates will carry similar values - that is why we are in the same party. But I also believe Andy is best placed to halt the conservatives from now and into 2020.

My second preference is Yvette Cooper. Yvette has really come through in this selection. I was really taken by the essay she wrote for the Fabians and I am in full agreement that changing WHO does politics (in her case making the case for women) matters. In that sense she captures the party's heritage as the party of political change. its got to be part of the Labour Party's narrative. I also believe Yvette would be strongly placed to halt the conservatives from now and into 2020.

We have an intriguing political contest. Ordinarily, electoral politics is only allowed to operate within a narrow bandwidth of thought. (That is not all down to the politicians themselves but who and how these boundaries are set is a study within itself). The space created by Labour’s selection has shown there is an audience for more fundamental questions about power of corporations, failures of the market, role of the state and position of individuals and communities in all that. In the process it has pulled the boundary to the left. I hope that can translate into the elections proper in part through an electorate that demands politics tackles inequality, challenges trickle down and starts looking at the powerful for the reasons behind the state of the world rather than the powerless and most vulnerable - be they the low waged, on benefits or migrants. Beyond all that it’s essential we evidence that we can have robust debates while holding ourselves together as a party. The people who depend on Labour to hold back Tory ideology and policy depend on that."

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