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179% increase in immigration enforcement visits

Edition 4

Illustration: Luke Carter (lukecarter.co.uk)

Hoos u turjumaad Soomaali: Scroll down for Somali translation

As the humanitarian crisis unfolds in Calais and places further afield, it’s easy to overlook the increase of immigration raids in Bristol. There was a 179% increase in UK Border Force visits in Bristol between 2011 and 2014. This has put a shiver through the spines of many stateless people in the city. Many of these operations have lead to the arrest of asylum seekers or legitimate status individuals. The UK Border Force have made themselves a public presence on our streets, often conducting operations which lead to no arrest but heighten public fear.

For the government, immigration has been about statistics and dehumanisination. We however do not forget the human face. The tragic personal stories of separation, war, imprisonment and loss.

A Bristol Cable submitted Freedom of Information request obtained the following information:
Illustration by Luke Carter: lukecarter.co.uk


179% increase in UK Border Force visits in Bristol since 2011

Total visits:           

  • 2011: 52
  • 2012: 105
  • 2013: 109
  • 2014: 145

148% increase in arrests by UK Border Force in Bristol since 2011

Total arrests:

  • 2011: 29
  • 2012: 79
  • 2013: 79
  • 2014: 72

150% increase in removals by UK Border Force in Bristol since 2011

Total removals:

  • 2011: 10
  • 2012: 26
  • 2013: 19
  • 2014: 25

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Turjumaad Soomaali: Ciidanka Ilaalada Xuduudaha UK: Dhaawaca bulshada

Hawlgalada faraha badan ee dawladda Britishku ku qabqabato dadka aan haysan waraaqaha (ama sharciga) degenaanshaha ayaa argagax geliyay dad badan oo degan Bristol iyo nawaaxigeeda. Hawlgalo badan oo kuwan ka mid ah ayaa lagu qabtay (ama xidhay) dad magangelyo-doon ah ama si sharci ah waddanka u degan. Ciidanka Ilaalada Xuduudaha UK ayaa waddooyinkeena ka muuqda iyagoo inta badan hawlagalo fulinaya, kuwaasoo aanay cid ku xidhin laakiin shicibka baqdin geliyay.

Ilaa iyo intii ay socotay doorashadii dhawaan waddanka ka dhacday, dooda ku saabsan dadka waddanka soo galaya (ama usoo haajiray) waxay ahayd mid aad u qadhaadh. Laakiin dawladdu waxay dadka waddanka u soo haajiray u aragtaa tiro ahaan. Si kastaba ha ahaatee, inagu ma iloobayno dhinaca bini’aadanimada ee ay dhacdooyinkani keenaan sida qoyskii oo kala lumay, xabsi iyo dhimasho.



  • 179% ayay korodhay inta jeer ee ay Ciidanka Ilaalada Xuduudaha UK ay soo booqdeen (ama hawlgal u yimaadeen) magaalada Bristol mudadii u dhexaysay 2011 and 2014


Wadarta guud ee ‘booqashooyinka’ 2011 – 14 : 311       


  • 148% ayay korodhay tirada dadka ay Ciidanka Ilaalada Xuduudaha UK ay Bristol ka qabteen (xidheen) mudadii u dhexaysay 2011 iyo 2014



Tirada guud ee dadka la qabtay 2011 – 14: 259


  • 150% ayay korodhay tirada dadka ay Ciidanka Ilaalada Xuduudaha UK ka kexeeyeen (ama mustaafiriyeen) magaalada Bristol intii u dhexaysay 2011 iyo 2014



Wadarta guud ee booqashooyinkooda 2011-14: 80

Laga soo xigtay: codsi ay Bristol Cable u qortay Wasaaradda Arrimaha Gudaha (Home Office) iyadoo raacaysa Freedom of Information


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