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Is Bristol City Council’s flagship energy saving scheme in jeopardy?

Climate Energy, the company delivering Warm Up Bristol, have announced they’re going into administration. Warm Up Bristol was launched last year as a four-year initiative by Bristol City Council to help private householders make their properties more energy efficient, and therefore cheaper to heat.

In 2014, Bristol City Council secured £7.3m of national funding to support the local delivery of the government’s Green Deal. Bristol City Council have not said how much of the £7.3m was received by Climate Energy before liquidation.

Bill Edrich, Service Director for Energy at Bristol City Council said: “This is sad news for Climate Energy. Naturally our top priority is reducing any impact on the customers of Warm Up Bristol and the contractors working for it.”

Just how many Bristolians managed to take advantage of the controversial Green Deal scheme before Climate Energy folded is unclear. We’ll be watching to see what the liquidation of Climate Energy means for the future of the Warm Up scheme and the taxpayers’ coffers.

Have you been affected by the liquidation of Climate Energy?

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