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picture by Bethan Mure

Gangs in Bristol: Beyond the headlines (issue 2) 

Speaking to former gang members, youth workers, the police, and a football hooligan turned vicar reveals the nature and scale of gang activity in Bristol today.

Holding Green Capital Accountants to Account (issue 5)

Counting the costs of a ‘big four’ firm for our city.


Avonmouth illustration. Photo: Sam Knock

Avonmouth: Have parties failed working class voters?

Is there a growing faultline between working class voters and the Labour party? From trade-unions to Ukip, members of Avonmouth Social Club talk about politics as they see it.


04-mitre-featMITIE fine? (issue 4)

In the first of a series, we take a look at some of the corporate movers and shakers headquartered in Bristol.


04- feet after alcohol-by

Going Cold Turkey? Drugs and Alcohol advice services severed (issue 4)

Community drug and alcohol advice services in Bristol are struggling to keep afloat and provide vital support to people facing the cutbacks of austerity.

TTIPing the balance (issue 5)

Are secret negotiations further tipping the balance in favour of corporate power? And what your MEPs think.

03-24_Faith-In-Politics-feat-tie rack

Faith in Politics (issue 3)

What has religion got to do with politics? We caught up with a Bishop, a deputy Imam, a Quaker, a Rastafarian and a couple of atheists to find out.

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We’re working to diversify the Cable team. Let’s start with our freelancer base

The Cable exists to challenge the structure of the media, but we are not representative enough of our city. Here’s what we’re doing to change things.

‘We need people to step up now’: the Bristolians working to save cricket from climate change

Cricket's past is tangled with colonialism, a key root of climate change. Now, it's the pitch sport most at risk from global heating – but a group based in Bristol are working to highlight the threats and protect its future.

Local experts condemn Sunak’s draughty homes U-turn as likely to cost lives

Last week, the government announced it would not be raising the minimum energy efficiency standards of privately rented properties – which will leave thousands of renters living in cold homes.

West of England mayor holds talks with Andy Burnham about bus franchising after local campaign

Metro Mayor Dan Norris has faced months of calls to formally explore taking Bristol's struggling bus services back into public control.

Police and council defend safeguarding app after calls to stop collecting info on vulnerable young people

A criminal justice campaign group has said use of the database is being kept from parents and guardians, but the council says it has helped protect hundreds of children.

Explainer: How Bristolians are keeping proper journalism alive

If all our members gave £2 more a month, we’d smash our campaign target overnight.

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