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Photos: Sam Duckerin & Alon Aviram (

Words: Alon Aviram

A revered ritual. A rare and grudging trip for the mirror-shy. A Friday night ceremony before going on the weekly lash. Going to the salon or the barbers is more than just small talk and a trim.

Hi-top fade. Short back and sides. Crop. Perm. Mohawk. Weave. Or a bog-standard trim. In the search for a unique look, we share the spray of cheap aftershave, shampoo and floors strewn with a tad too much cut-off hair. Whatever the style, us Bristolians are briefly brought together before the mirror, comb and steel blades.

It might be a £5 chop, or a £50 sculpting at some swanky blaggers. Either way, amid the chaos of the city there’s seldom such time to sit back, chat to strangers and give some attention to number one.

Have I over philosophised? Maybe. Probably. But there we go. Here’s a bunch of photos of people stepping out of work and enjoying a few moments away from the office, kitchen, sofa, cab or wherever else they live out the daily beat.

Gam-Gam Salon, Stapleton Road

Super Tonic Barbershop, St Pauls

Clifton Hair Studio, Clifton

Touch of Class, Stokes Croft 

Harry Blades _ Angry Dave's, Christmas Steps

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