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Exclusive: Race and religious hate crimes on the rise.

REPORTS: police, race, racism, religion

Figures obtained by the Bristol Cable from Avon and Somerset Police show that the the attack on Totterdown Mosque is the tip of the iceberg.

At a time of mounting tension around migration and inter-community issues, hate crimes categorised as religiously motivated rose by almost 16% in 2015, recorded by Avon and Somerset Police.

This is within an overall rise in hate crimes, rising from from 1,723 in 2014 to 1,847 in 2015, an increase of 7%. The vast majority of these incidents, 85%, are flagged as race-related. 6% are recorded as related to religious hatred. (A record can have more than category.)

Increase in incidents of hate crimes in 2015 from previous year, as recorded by Avon and Somerset Police.



All Hate Race Religious
2014 1723 1462 103
2015 1847 1574 119
% Increase 7.20% 7.66% 15.53%
% of total
2014 100% 84.85% 5.98%
2015 100% 85.22% 6.44%

Find the FOI request results here: FOI: Hate Crimes, Avon and Somerset Police. January 2016

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