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520 hours (40%) - Editorial coordination  192 hours (30%) - Research and writing  96 hours (7%) - Arts production  90 hours (7%) - Arts coordination  70 hours (5%) - Editorial production  55 hours (4%) - Advertising  36 hours (3%) - Graphic design  36 hours (3%) - Logistics

Esam Amin, Kurdish asylum seeker and an active volunteer in Bristol Refugee Rights and Borderlands Charity.

06-1-esamMedia and Journalism is my dream and thanks to Bristol Cable I had chance for this to be true. I like that the Bristol Cable is independent, inclusive and flexible and welcomes all the different communities, like the Kurdish community, in Bristol, where everyone can have a voice and share the real news.

Yasmin, Factotum

06-2-yazI am a member of the Cable co-op so that I can be part of a movement both positive and constructively critical. The most important part of the Cable for me is unveiling how public bodies work today, and giving that whole world some transparency (as it should) so that we, as Bristolians, are aware of what is happening with the money we put into it everyday. Knowing about how something works is the first step towards changing it.

Jo Clarke, Student and florist

06-3-joI think it’s really important to have a local media outlet that’s interesting, informative and receptive to the needs of the community. Local powers need to be held to account, which is exactly what The Cable is doing

Ahadite Abido, cycle courier and event organiser

06-4-ahaditeThe Cable shares a lot of the values I hold dear. By having a small degree of ownership over the local media landscape I hope that I can help forge a more real picture of life in Bristol.

Mike Jempson, Director of the journalism ethics charity MediaWise & senior lecturer in journalism at University of the West of England.

06-5-mikeHaving been founder editor of a similar co-operative venture, the East End News, 35 years ago, the aims of Bristol Cable are close to my heart – keeping citizens informed about the power lines, the fault lines and the dynamics of the city. Curiosity, determination, independence and integrity are key to successful investigative journalism, as well as making the most of communications technology to reach the widest possible audience.

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