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Is the council gonna take action on “probably carcinogenic” glyphosate?’

Council to vote on motion to ban Monsanto pesticides which “probably cause cancer” from Bristol’s streets, as thousands back petition.

On 19th January, Bristol Council will vote on a motion to ban the use of weed-killers containing “glyphosate” – a chemical feared to cause cancer and damage to wildlife, including bees. A 5,000-strong petition calling for a moratorium on use of the chemical in Bristol’s public spaces will be presented to the council by concerned locals and members of the 38 Degrees campaigning group.

Illustration: Kleiner Shames 

05-18-monsanto-featAs originally reported in the Bristol Cable, Bristol council currently uses three glyphosate weed-killers on the city’s streets, parks & public spaces. Although concerns were raised as far back as September, the council has so far failed to respond to questions about the use of the chemicals around the city. One of the chemicals is produced by the controversial agricultural giant, Monsanto.

Glyphosate use has already been banned or restricted in as many as 8 countries across the world, and several European cities, including Paris. Now, concerned Bristol residents are calling on the council & Mayor George Ferguson to follow suit in the European Green Capital.

The motion has been put forward by councillor Gus Hoyt (Greens), who is also calling for a trial moratorium on glyphosate use in his ward, Ashley. Cllr Hoyt says:

“An increasing number of people with concerns about the use of weedkillers which contain glyphosate have contacted me over the past 6 months. The majority have been parents who are worried about their children playing on or near areas which have recently been sprayed. But lots of other residents, from community food champions to foragers and gardeners, have also expressed their concerns.”

Zaheer Mamom, a Bristol resident who started the petition against glyphosate-use through the 38 Degrees campaign website says:

“If Bristol has any credentials as the European Green Capital, the council simply cannot expose us, our children and our wildlife to these chemicals against our will.

“This is a matter of great importance for those of us who care about our health and the health of our children, our cats, our dogs and all the flora and fauna of this city, of course including our beloved bees.”

Campaigners are urging Bristol locals to sign the petition and email or call their local councillor to ask them to vote for the motion to ban glyphosate use on Tuesday.

The 38 Degrees petition can be signed at

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