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The Bristol Cable collaborated with the Creative Youth Network to deliver a powerful programme with young creatives to produce their own zine.

Participants got tooled up in a range of skills, from how to conduct interviews, illustrate comics, take photos, research information, storyboard, to learning the key principles of graphic design and promotion. Their zine illustrates their commitment to not shying from any topic, and telling powerful personal stories through words and art.

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This 4 week course was free of charge and for 16-25 year olds out of education, work or training.

 This is what they had to say

One of the most damaging forces at this time is the poor quality mass media and corporate advertising. Through zines we can claim media back for ourselves! We started by learning about the history of zine culture and the Riot Grrl movement. We have studied photography, illustration, collage, journalism, comic strips and graphic design. We took inspiration from exhibitions and a variety of artists and collaborated together to compile a snapshot of our lives as part of the greater human experience we all share. Cultural stewpot. Mix it up!   

The team


Ashante Lake


Check out her Story

Emilia Inskip


Shannon Daneaux


The CYN Zine Course has been very insightful. I’ve picked up useful skills, and it has inspired me to be anything I want to be. I’ve gained skills that has made me re-consider my future career and I think the skills I have learned will coincide with my career tremendously well.

It has made me think a lot about the international and community issues that the world faces today and will yet face, with less bias opinions and a better understanding of different people.

It has made me realise that it is a lot easier to to let the world know what you have to say, even if it is just something personal or casual. The Bristol Cable are very inspiring and contribute towards improving our community and bringing the people together.

Also the staff, students and the people we worked with that participated in the course have made me a lot more comfortable and confident with myself and have given me the motivation to pursue what I want in life.

Overall it has been an amazing experience, I met some great people, and it has been a real mind opener.

Ruby Jeans

Jack Newcombe


Check out his Story

Anum Rizvi


Media plays an important role in everyone’s daily life, covering everything from news to celebrity chat shows. Everything we hear or see through media comes after loads of editing and refining. Therefore, what we get by the time it is published is the byproduct of an original piece. The actual issue often disappears somewhere in between the lines.

The media often fails to portray the actual story or picture to the public. However, when I learnt about zine making I automatically felt connected. Zines gives people the chance to reflect on their creativity, ideas and issues across in its raw form without any APPROPRIATION barrier.

I really like how blunt creative people can be with zines. It gives everyone an opportunity to be open about anything and everything. A zine can comprise of comics, illustrations, written articles or whatever creative medium one wants to add. Zines have given a broader meaning to creativity.


Gabriella Neal

Miss Yellow

Miss Yellow/CYN

I came onto this course 2 weeks in.

Everyone was really welcoming.

The Human Experience, what can we say?

Let’s get together create, work rest and play.

Bringing people together to learn and explore,

Creatively connecting

Makes my heart soar!

Thank you.

Emma Kitching


Working collaboratively with others to produce the zine has given me the opportunity to reflect on the power of media and how we can use creativity to express the values that are important to us as well as exploring the issues and challenges we are all faced with everyday.

I think the fact that our zine is handmade and full of original drawings and collages from every member of such a diverse group is what makes it so interesting to read. The responses to the theme of “The Human Experience” are honest and personal which gives the reader a different perspective and a new way to engage with the topic.

I’ve really enjoyed learning about the practical skills and techniques involved in producing a zine and feel really lucky to have had the opportunity to have worked with professionals in photography, illustration and graphic design.

The course has given me the confidence to create my own publications and I think I will draw inspiration from everyone who has collaborated on the zine for a long time to come.

Eric Leigh


Jodie Hill

CYN/ Jodie

Mark Beckett


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