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Which way will you swing?

Every single one of the 70 council seats are up for grabs this May 5th. The political and geographic landscapes are both in flux, with “surging” (or flopping) Greens, flailing (or resurgent) Lib Dems, revitalised (or stale) Labour, and modernised (or same-old) Tories contesting for newly revised electoral wards, that see some with significant boundary changes, and others abolished completely. As ever, elections are won with the ‘swing’ voters and ‘swing’ seats that could go either way. Using information from the last council elections in 2015, we take a look at those seats* with narrow victories that might hold the balance of power.

*Each ward listed will have a total of two elected councillors.

Brislington East

Will Labour beat off a plucky Conservative candidate?

07-bristol-balance-of-power-feat/5Winner: Labour

07-bristol-balance-of-power-feat/1Second place: Conservative

07-bristol-balance-of-power-feat/8Percentage difference: 0.31%

07-bristol-balance-of-power-feat/9Vote difference: 18

Brislington West

Formerly a Lib Dem stronghold, will they come back from extinction?
07-bristol-balance-of-power-feat/5Winner: Labour

07-bristol-balance-of-power-feat/7Second place: Lib Dem

07-bristol-balance-of-power-feat/8Percentage difference: 3.6%

07-bristol-balance-of-power-feat/9Vote difference: 216


Will the Greens take a traditional Labour heartland?

07-bristol-balance-of-power-feat/5Winner: Labour

07-bristol-balance-of-power-feat/3Second place: Green

07-bristol-balance-of-power-feat/8Percentage difference: 3.69%

07-bristol-balance-of-power-feat/9Vote difference: 264


Formerly a Lib Dem stronghold, which of three ways will the historical Lib Dem vote go: Conservatives, Greens, Lib Dems?
07-bristol-balance-of-power-feat/4Winner: Green

07-bristol-balance-of-power-feat/1Challenger: Conservative

07-bristol-balance-of-power-feat/8Percentage difference: 4.74%

07-bristol-balance-of-power-feat/9Vote difference: 314

Frome Valley

To-ing and fro-ing between the two main parties for many a year. 

07-bristol-balance-of-power-feat/2Winner: Conservative

07-bristol-balance-of-power-feat/6Second place: Labour

07-bristol-balance-of-power-feat/8Percentage difference: 3.35%

07-bristol-balance-of-power-feat/9Vote difference: 188

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