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Bristol North West MP votes with the Government to turn down entry for unaccompanied child asylum seekers.

Conservative MP Charlotte Leslie last night voted against an amendment to the Government’s Immigration Bill to accept 3,000 unaccompanied minors fleeing the middle east and currently in europe.

The amendment was introduced by Labour peer Alf Dubs, himself accepted by the UK as a child escaping Nazi Germany on the Kindertransport (Child transport) scheme. The amendment was voted down by 294 votes to 276 by MPs in the Commons last night.

Bristol’s three other MPs, all Labour, Kerry McCarthy, Karin Smyth, and Thangham Debbonaire voted to in favour of the amendment.

Credit to The Independent for this reporting.

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  • The Magic Man says:

    Charlotte also talks alot of rubbish in the house of commons like a puppet for the party. Plus her emails to my friends, in her ward are poor standard template responses. Does she care about people NO !

  • Maxine Williams says:

    Please explain if you please your decision to not back this bill, I would really apreciate hearing your reasons for your vote.

  • Giovanni says:

    Typical Tory xenophobia. What most people don’t realise is that today in the UK thousands of people are locked up by the government for having the ‘wrong’ skin colour, passport or bank balance.

    This racist system is fuelled by a media narrative which scapegoats and demonises migrants. Its aim is to divide us and to control us, particularly people of colour. For example: to make it risky for workers without papers to organise against exploitation.

    The harm caused by detention is very real; last year there were 393 attempted suicides in detention. But those inside are not passive victims; people are organising, people are resisting and people are building solidarity across cultures and languages.

    It’s about time the rest of us did our bit to support those already at the front line of this fight.

    Here’s one of many possible places to start:

    On Sat 7th May there will be a national day of action against detention, with demos taking place at many detention centres across the UK. As part of this, a group from Bristol will be making some noise outside The Verne, one of the UK’s most isolated detention centres.

    There will be transport from Bristol; to book a place or find out you can email them on: bristolclosetheverne at

    Or see:

  • Bom Batty says:

    She dressd up like a Rovers supporter as she wanted their votes and the Sainsbury built on the Memorial football ground which among many things threatened the UK’s longest independant hight street. She was very rude about Traders And Residents Against Sainsury Horfield (the TRASH campaign) calling them trouble makerz or suchlike.

  • Jane Whitehouse says:

    forget the politics where is her Humanity?I would never vote for a person who is so callous and wrong on this tragic issue..shame on her

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