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They want to be the most powerful person in Bristol and they need you. But do you know who’s who in the mayoral elections? Confused about the whole thing or just straight up bored? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

We’re not interested in rehearsed speeches. We did our best to cut through political spin to find out actually how the candidates propose to change the city, and importantly, for who.

From a family home in Hartcliffe to a cafe in Easton, we chatted to candidates across the city to gain a sense of who they are as people and politicians. So sit back, explore this unique interactive platform and get to know the people who want your vote, what fellow Bristolians think, and meet Maff, the Cable’s presenter-in-chief.

Note: We didn’t interview all candidates. Reason being, there were several late entries in the mayoral race. As a volunteer team, with a skeleton budget, we could not unfortunately accommodate everyone.

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Director: Alon Aviram
Interactive designer: Marina Pérez Trigueros
Assistant designer: Alejandro Acín and Matthew Alborough
Presenter: Maff Tucker
Director of photography, camera and sound: Jeremy Bristow Editor:
Kay Barnard/ Liberal Democrats: Anna Whittaker & Alon Aviram / George Ferguson/ Independent: Joanne Ball
Sound assistant: Anna WhittakerMarvin Rees/ Labour: Joanne Ball
Sound assistant: Alon AviramPaul Turner/ Ukip: Nick Lewis
Sound assistant: Matthew Alborough


Editor (cont):

Paul Saville/ Independent: James Hay
Sound assistant: Lorna Stephenson

Tony Dyer/ Green Party: Kate Holmes
Sound assistant: Alon Aviram

Christine Townsend/ Independent: James Hay
Sound assistant: Sam Bristow

Charles Lucas/ Conservative: Kate Holmes
Sound assistant: Alon Aviram

MUSIC: Digya, Kevin MacLeod


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