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Connolly and Callaghan full response: May 27th 2016

CITY | REPORTS: connolly and callaghan

27th May 2016

Connolly & Callaghan(C&C) are an established Bristol business specialising in emergency tenant accommodation.

Carpenters Place,Knowle West was made available for sale by Eminence Property Developments. The property comprises 24 flats. 5 of these are owner occupied. C&C completed the purchase from Eminence in February 2016

All tenants were advised of our plans for the property in line with our core business of emergency housing. Owner occupiers were also informed. C&C confirmed its interest in buying these properties should they wish to sell.

C&C provided a dedicated team to advise and assist tenants to find alternative accommodation.

This assistance is wide ranging and can involve financial assistance where required, it also included: provision for removal transport, property search, and references (based on previous owners records), our team were also authorised to negotiate a longer stay than the normal 2 months for special circumstances (i.e School Holidays). C&C have refunded deposits regardless of rent arrears.

It must be stressed that Carpenters Place was on the market and would be sold.

To date only two tenants positions are unresolved.

C&C have started to use the flats to house emergency tenants and apart from a minor issue regarding parking bays no issues or adverse comments have been reported

C&C are committed to dealing with all our tenants in a fair,professional and reasonable fashion. taking legal action only as a last resort, in fact over the past three(3) years C&C have used a court order to remove a tenant on only one occasion

Rents at Carpenters Court have been set at an average for the area,


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