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08-loomio-3Members get involved in key areas of content and events.

Words: Dean Ayotte

The Bristol Cable’s online platform, Loomio, is now over 200 members strong. This tool is a way for members to participate online in key discussions about the future of the cooperative and be active in the Cable’s model of democratic media.

Recent topics up for debate have included plans for an investigation into the working conditions, and exploitation, of undocumented migrant workers in the city. The discussion is still ongoing, and so far around 40 people have given their views on what what we should report on, how we gather the information, who we should speak to and workplaces we should investigate in order to bring this story to light.

08-loomio-1There were also debates around the ethical consequences of such a piece. Could it put people in danger of reprisals for speaking out? Would it put people in an even worse situation?

The discussion and input of our members has given our editorial team content to develop for future publication. This subject requires careful investigation and consideration due to the vulnerability of migrant workers, but we want to bring the energy of our members on this issue to the people of Bristol as soon as we can. This is exactly the kind of result that we hope that citizen-led journalism can lead to.

08-loomio-4Other discussions include planning future events, such as a possible future screening of the Paul Mason documentary on the Greek financial crisis, This is a Coup, and getting member feedback about plans to work with voluntary-sector organisations more closely in the future.

stamp-made possible by co-opIf you want to be part of Loomio, and take part in these kinds of discussions and decisions you need to be a member of the coop, and can then email us at the Cable on We hope to see you online soon!

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