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Join us...Got any leads? Wonder what Cable content is being researched behind the scenes? Check out our media Coordinators’ areas of focus…

This month Alec (@alecsaelens) is researching…

  • The impact of legal aid cuts and fees on workers seeking redress through Employment Tribunals.
  • How our transport infrastructure and services (lack of) impact people’s lives.
  • What lies behind transformations and social dynamics in and around the Bearpit.
    Email: alec@thebristolcable.org


This month Adam (@AdamC_Corn) is looking at…

  • The continuing housing crisis, in particular developments and developers
  • Whether a guaranteed income could be given to all Bristol citizens
    Email : adam@thebristolcable.org


This month Lorna (@lornastephens0n) is focusing on….

  • Schools funding problems, and disruptions to school management
  • Impacts of service closures and changes on disabled Bristol citizens
    Hinkley Point C..
    Email: lorna@thebristolcable.org


This month Alon (@AlAviram) is nosying around…

  • The impact of cuts to policing, and Avon & Somerset Constabulary’s PFI deal.
  • Local MPs, paid-for trips abroad, and the political impact of lobbying.
  • The links between Immigration Enforcement, charities and the public sector in Bristol
  • Police use of increasingly powerful surveillance technology
    Email: alon@thebristolcable.org


This month Sid (@FOIA_Fighter) is probing…

  • Whether mental health services in bristol are meeting demand?
  • How Bristol’s GPs and hospitals are coping under the pressure
  • Whether ‘devolution’ lives up to is promise of more power locally
    Email: sid@thebristolcable.org


This month Koel (@koelpmukherjee) is exploring…

  • Community histories – particularly the human impact of the failed 1970s road-building project in Totterdown
  • The impact of austerity on services for vulnerable people and communities
  • The impact of the Prevent counter-terrorism strategy on Bristol’s public sector
    Email: koel@thebristolcable.org


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