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Domestic abuser and boxer Floyd Mayweather due to appear at Marriott Hotel event on International Women’s Day.

Photo: Graham Holliday/Flikr CC

In a case of deja vu, another campaign has sprung up to prevent Floyd Mayweather, boxer and holder of multiple domestic violence convictions, speaking at an event in Bristol.

‘An Evening with Floyd Mayweather’ is planned at the city centre Marriott hotel, on March 8th – which happens to be International Women’s Day.

In February 2016 a similar event was due to take place at Colston Hall, but was cancelled after a campaign from women’s groups and charities.

The Marriott was sent a letter from women’s groups in Bristol stating:

“The idolising of a dangerous perpetrator of domestic violence is unacceptable and we believe you should cancel your event. Over fourteen thousand women and girls aged sixteen to fifty nine suffered from Domestic Violence in Bristol last year … we believe providing Mr Mayweather with a platform to speak, particularly without questioning him about his violent, misogynist acts, gives a dangerous and damaging message to the public.”

Joint signatories to the letter were Bristol Women’s Voice, Bristol Fawcett, Bristol Sisters Uncut and SARSAS (Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support).

The Marriot hotel replied only that: “We are a hospitality company that simply provides public accommodations and function space. Acceptance of business does not indicate support, or endorsement of any group or individual.”

In response, Bristol Women’s Voice pointed out that the Marriott has Corporate Responsibility and core values policies which include the claim that the company holds itself to ‘uncompromising ethical and legal standards’ which ‘extends to our day-to-day business conduct…and our commitment to human rights and social responsibility’.

Bristol is also the first city nationally to declare itself a ‘zero tolerance’ city for gender-based violence. Bristol Zero Tolerance was set by the Bristol Women’s Commission (itself set up by previous Mayor George Ferguson). The initiative aims to sign up the council and the city’s major employers to the ‘Zero Tolerance’ pledge, and commit to one action to promote the Zero Tolerance approach.

The Marriott did not have a spokesperson available to comment when contacted for this story.

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