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The Cable would like to hear from readers about how you think the council’s proposed cuts will affect you or your family.

On the 21st February, the council will vote on the ‘Corporate Strategy 2016-22’ – and the wide-ranging service changes it involves, designed to save the council a total of £101million.

The Cable would like to hear from readers about how you think the cuts may affect you via the survey below. You can answer anonymously if you like, although if you leave your contact details we may contact you for further details. The Cable will treat your responses confidentially. We will collate answers and publish them anonymously in a website article.

First up is changes to social care provision. The proposals (link here) include:

  • Introducing a new ‘Three Tier’ model of care and support.
  • Review day services such as Community Links: potentially closing services, or passing to a third party provider.
  • Stopping community meals, and signposting service users to other providers.
  • Reviewing respite policy for carers.
  • Increasing charges for people using the Redfield Lodge dementia service, and potentially passing on to another provider.

The survey:

Thank you for your contribution.

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