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As thousands know, the Cable’s much more than just the paper in your hands. As a media co-operative, each and every member has an equal share and say – making us a tad different from your typical media baron-owned outlets.

With our focus on investigative pieces, solutions-focused journalism, and amplifying voices you don’t normally hear from, we’re committed to shaking up the city for the better. We also want to make sure people have a bit of a laugh, and skill up members and contributors at the same time. So that’s why we also host film screenings, media training, debates, speaker events and gigs. As a member of the Cable, you’re not a subscriber, but an owner of your media, and part of a movement reshaping local journalism.

Thanks to everyone who has joined so far, we are growing. 30,000 print copies are delivered every quarter to 17,000 homes and 650 venues. Since the Cable began, 1,400 people have attended our workshops and events. And 15 students just graduated from the Cable’s Media Lab, a free five month investigative journalism course. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out the Bristol Cable online.

There’s no blueprint for this ambitious media co-operative – the only of its kind in the UK. Thorough reporting is by no means easy or cheap. The risks can be high. But we strive to be fair, fearless and provocative in our reporting, because that’s what our readers and Bristol deserve.

join the cable stampPut frankly, we’ve got a long way to go before the ship steadies. With 3,300 members the Cable can secure a more sustainable future – that’s only 0.7% of Bristol’s population!

Tempted, but haven’t joined? Or have a mate who reads the Cable but isn’t yet a member? Join for as little as £1 per month. Happy reading.

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Thanks to the 2,000+ members who support the Cable, our in-depth journalism is free for everyone. Together, we empower readers with independent and investigative local reporting. Join us and be a part of Bristol’s reader-owned media cooperative.

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