Tokyo, L.A, Cribbs Causeway: the cruiser scene is alive and well in Bristol

Photos : Norberto Fernández Soriano (
Words: Adam Cantwell-Corn

You might think Asda car park, Cribbs Causeway, on a wet night in March is about as dull as it gets. But, add to the scene hundreds of petrolheads, speakers the size of hubcaps, the stench of tyre smoke and the real possibility that the police may show up – and you’ve got a good night out at a car meet. Alongside the boy-racers are cruiser families, teens and a significant number of female car enthusiasts, firmly challenging this subculture’s stereotype of lads in souped up Peugeots. Apart from when people started to run back to their cars because someone shouted ‘police!’ (it turned out to a blue-light prank) the whole night had a feel of just another community getting together; to show off their cars, have a chat, burn some rubber and raise money for the Homes4Veterans, a charity supporting homeless ex-service people.

The Asda GTI Turbo

“This is getting raffled – all proceeds to MacMillan Cancer charity”

“If I had money for tyres I’d be here all night bruv”

“Can you get it from the front? The side has a big dent”

“That’s gonna be a sick photo”

The Modified Girls

What’s under that bonnet?!

The Modified Girls

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