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Old school printmaking processes are revived to produce campaign materials in the run up to the general election

Research & Photos: Dean Ayotte

Cato Press is a printmaking space which recently opened in Easton with facilities for relief and etching work. Two of the co-founders, Meg Buick & Rosanna Morris wanted to create a space which offers the possibility for affordable commissioning of printmaking and use of the premises. The aim is to incentivise people to come and make their own art, run workshops, or work on collaborations.

On a recent weeknight, Cato Press opened its doors to host a workshop to produce political artwork to be used during the general election political campaigns.

Here is a photoessay capturing the production process and thoughts of Meg and Rosanna, two of the printmakers who run the project.

‘We like the idea of having a space where people can come in and develop resources, like posters and banners, for campaigns we support’

‘We took inspiration from places like the poster workshop in London in the late 1960s that also worked with campaign groups.’

‘People are working in a group with their hands on the same piece of art, share ideas, talk, work together. That side of art is really important – where people are connecting with each other and that chance to be creative together.’

‘Woodcut print is a really simple type of print, which means it’s really easy for people to come in and do it themselves. It’s empowering to know you can make large prints cheaply and easily to make what you want.’

‘Things can be done much more quickly with digital design and printing, but the process doesn’t have that collaborative element.’

‘We see it as a space for both community art and political change.’

More information on Cato Press can be found on their website and on social media.

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