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Sweaty palms, hope, anxiety. Crunch time. The general election. Distracted at work? Caught up thinking about who will be in government from tomorrow? Us too. From original videos, data analysis and on the ground reports, we bring you the highlights from our pre-election coverage.


In Bristol North West? Sandi Dheensa takes a look at how local MP Charlotte Leslie has represented the interests of Middle Eastern regimes and sheikdoms during her time in office:


Adam Cantwell Corn and Alon Aviram head to the traditionally bellwether constituency of Bristol North West. On a local and national level, the political centre ground has crumbled – and here, like elsewhere, MP candidates are evermore polarised. But will this election be about policies, personalities or both?



Refugees, Brexit, Trident and NHS: Three candidates for Bristol West MP go head to head.



First class travel expenses worth £24,979 claimed by former MP and current candidate for Bristol West, Stephen Williams, during his last term as MP. Read the report which draws on original data analysis by Lucas Batt and Lorna Stephenson.

“I’m hopeful a lot of people are voting who’ve never voted before.” In the third and final installment of General Election 2017 videos, Adam Cantwell Corn and Alon Aviram head to Bristol East.



Whether as part of national campaigns, or grassroots constituency-level activism, Bristol is seeing a surge of activity towards creating ‘progressive alliances’ to keep the Conservatives out. In this voice column, two campaigners talk about what motivated them to hit the streets of Bristol.



Could tactical voting change this election? We look at how political alliances might have changed the last election, and how they might affect the results of this election. Read this report by Lucas Batt.



I’m voting to stop the assault on disabled people’s rights. Read this powerful voice piece by George Ayres.


Koel Mukherjee and Sid Ryan headed to South Bristol to hear what voters are thinking about the election and find out which issues are important to them. They could have spent the whole week talking to people and hearing something new, but here is what they heard speaking to a fraction of a percent of the electorate.


In this tightly fought snap election, the Black Minority Ethnic (BME) vote could be a determinant winning factor, writes Abdi Mohamed.


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