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Roller derby is a fascinating, fast-paced yet relatively obscure sport – we went down to the recent Bristol Championships event in Bristol to capture images from the frontline.

Words And Images: Norberto Fernandez Soriano

Roller derby is a full-contact sport played (as the name suggests) on roller skates, between two five-strong teams. To the uninitiated, it seems to mix the sinewy grace of roller-sports with the physicality of rugby – and the complexity of American football. Matches are based on a series of ‘jams’ – short periods, run over an hour-long bout. Players from both teams clash and tactically skate around an oval track to score points in this fascinating high-energy sport.

Glittery smiling women buckels up her helmet on the side linesCountdown: buckling up

speedy looking women with start on her helment looks straight at usDetermination, speed and action

clash of women all bumping in to each other!In the game, there are no individuals; both teams work to score during short matchups called jams

person bent over head down, palms on the wall, look very tiredTime out: knackered

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