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Members needed to help us build towards a great evening of co-operative media

The 2018 agm has happened, why not read about it….

Our 2018 Annual General Meeting is coming up on 14th May 2018, 19:00 at the Malcolm X Centre.

Our past two AGMs have each attracted over 100 people, and we’re proud to say they’ve been described as dynamic, innovative, inclusive and even ‘fun’!

It’s a great opportunity to spend an evening with so many of you, getting stuck into some important issues that will see the co-op on the right path for 2018-2019.

As our membership grows, we need to be smart about making sure we take good decisions collectively. So this time the coordinators are seeking dialogue with members ahead of the big night..

What will we do?

We want to bring together a diverse group of about 10-12 members to be part of a team that will help inform the AGM.

You’ll help the coordinators to:

  • Get input from the rest of the membership about what issues we should discuss at the AGM.
  • Build an agenda using some of this input.
  • Test out ideas for how we can present activities and discussion topics to make the evening really engaging and inclusive.
How will we do this?

A coordinator will organise and facilitate the meet-ups with the AGM team on:.

  • 19th March 18:00-19:30
  • 16th April 18:00-19:30

In a central location TBA.

To take part you just need to be free for both meet-ups .and free for occasional email or phone communication between these meet-ups.

Who can participate?

Any member of the Bristol Cable! If you’re free for the above dates. Even if you’ve not been actively involved in the Cable or if you’ve never planned an AGM before – no experience necessary.

So, if you want to make our AGM amazing, please email before February 19th to confirm you’re interested and free on these dates.

Please advise in advance if you have any access needs.

Public interest journalism is expensive, takes time and can be risky.

But powering Bristol’s media co-op isn’t.

Join the Cable

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