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A look back at Media Lab 2018 – a free journalism course making the media more accessible.

A makeover of the media is long overdue. It can be a slow process, but programmes such as the Bristol Cable Media Lab 2018 are an essential part.

Our members firmly believe that accessible and high quality training is fundamental to rebuild trust in the media, open up opportunities and get new reporters out there and covering issues that matter.

Supported by the Centre for Investigative Journalism, this year’s recently completed programme saw 10 people, selected from a pool of over a 100 applicants, get stuck in to a free five month training programme.

Learning with leading journalists and the Cable team, this year’s Media Labbers got to grips with hard and soft skills, and are now able to get paid to produce stories with the Cable.

This year’s trainees are already writing stories on prison probation services, the threats faced by Filwood Community Centre, van living in Bristol and the history of St Pauls Carnival.

Check out the video for an overview of the course, and if you’re interested in the next programme make sure to join the Cable so that you’ll be one of the first to know when applications open.

Find out more about doing freelance journalism for the Cable here.


Read some stories by Media Lab participants

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Memories, challenges and the future of St Pauls Carnival

Moving On: Bristol's Gypsy, Roma And Traveller Communities City Reports Accommodation

Council launch van living and rough sleeping policy consultations

Features City Banner Home Page

Private probation companies are sending more people to jail. But not for committing crimes

City Features

Another blow for Filwood, as 80-year-old community centre fights for survival


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