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Watch: Hartcliffe Aspirations, a short doc with Paul Holbrook

A moving short film about Hartcliffe and aspiration with local lad and award winning film maker Paul Holbrook.


A moving short film about Hartcliffe and aspiration with local lad and award winning film maker Paul Holbrook.

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Thanks to Paul Holbrook and the people of Hartcliffe.


Produced and directed by Neil Maggs.
Filmed and edited by Matt Buckner.


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  • Ruth Symister says:

    Ever so slightly neo liberalist in my view…’lucky’ for Paul that he could get a council flat at 15 eh?

  • Ruth Symister says:

    Slightly neo-liberal in tone methinks. ‘Lucky’ for Paul he could get a council flat at 15 o’clock in them times eh?

  • Christine Evans says:

    Luck had nothing to do with it. Our lack of social housing is a direct result of government policy. If you consider a child lucky to be in that position at that age you definitely don’t define luck the way I do.

  • Pauline Eddy says:

    Nice to see that you delete comments! You should have the balls to accept negative comments and positive comments…rather than pick and choose which ones stay and which ones dont.

  • Kieron Fox says:

    You listed the various people/organisations that could make a difference…..the order, in my view, starts with the parents first as they have influence over the child from before birth, starting with their own attitudes.

  • Paul says:

    Respect to these guys. Reality.

  • Noah says:

    These kids are not bored it’s down to fact they do not goto school and autrhorites allow they to cause hell, the victims should be ones felt sorry for some these youths are old enough to work.

  • Sue Clifford says:

    I live in Leeds in an area very much like Hartcliffe, nothing for kids to do, nowhere for them to go and stigmatized by their address. The local pub is being turned into flats, and the playing fields “affordable” housing. Money destroying a community!

  • Amy T says:

    The thing is, I agree that they’re not bored. These children and teenagers in the younger generation are bunking school, misbehaving in lessons which stops other students who do want to learn to struggle to pass their exams hence why a lot of students don’t pass their exams and cannot go to their first choice of university. Unfortunately because that generation are no longer allowed to be disciplined they abuse the fact they can get away with a lot of disruption and crime. If we can get safer places for these teenagers to go rather than on the streets, dealing drugs, rapping and causing trouble for example with fireworks and finding it amusing, I would pay a contribution towards that. However, if these teenagers have already gotten to the stage of not respecting public property and elderly women as well as those who care for them.. I don’t see why I should put a contribution towards ungrateful children who will only abuse the good stuff handed to them. I’ve lived in Hartcliffe my whole life and I don’t see every teenager or child being this way.. there Are good people in Hartcliffe and those are the people I would pay to have in safe youth groups and pay for more parks. Does anybody remember the group that used to go to Spacemakers every Thursday after school hours and do things like face painting and small games for local children? I would love to see that back there.

    • Kathryn says:

      Hi Amy!

      I bet there are other people around you who feel the same and would like the meetings at Spacemakers, or something similar, to happen again. Perhaps you could speak with a few people/friends and start something up between yourselves. Have fun brainstorming and getting your creative juices flowing. Start small. Celebrate the small steps. Have fun. Who knows what might happen?

  • Claire says:

    Hi Paul. I think the doc was elk together and you raised a great point when did the older kids aspirations become so restricted. When the younger children still had what you would define as higher expectations of their lives. I’ve been aware of the community spirit in hartcliffe and other places such as knowle West, lockleaze etc. Good discussion and good interviewing. More please

  • Kathryn says:

    Hi! I really enjoyed this film! I’m sure there are lots of stories like these positive ones but you rarely hear of them. I’ve lived in Withywood for 22yrs and am active in the Hartcliffe & Withywood neighbourhoods and still find myself thinking sometimes, ‘oh yah, there are people with high aspirations who break the stereotype mould. It’s so easy to get caught up with the negative aspects of the neighbourhoods but there is passion for creating healthier & happier communities here! This area is so beautiful and so too are the people with their amazing wealth of skills, experiences and helping hands to offer each other. I don’t think what we need is organisations or the Council, or anyone coming in and giving us ‘things to do’. We need people to step up, self-organise and start to take action about the things that they feel passionate about. That may be organising demonstrations or petitions about woefully inadequate public transport that ‘serves’ the area, influencing how our land is developed, organising litter picks in our streets, helping isolated people get out of their house and go for a walk or organising a picnic in the park. We need to support each other in reclaiming our power to make things happen for ourselves, our neighbourhoods and our communities. Easy? No. Possible? Oh yes! A network of residents in Hartcliffe & Withywood is being formed to do just that. We can put our collective minds together to be an unstoppable force for positive change and an awesome neighbourhood :>

  • Hilary says:

    Great to hear the voices of ordinary people who are part of our city. More please, and particulary if the people involved are included in the production.

  • Marc Radford says:

    Great stuff, lots of issues here giving an interesting look at this very poor area of our dear city.

    As for it being “neo-liberalist”; well it’s easy to criticise, isn’t it? I look forward to YOUR doucmentary on this area soon!

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