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Four cases of hoarding so serious they deserve a Channel 4 reality series.

For years Channel 4 has runs series such as Britain’s Biggest Hoarders, or The Hoarder Next Door. We gawk at vulnerable and isolated people who obsessively gather things for no apparent purpose.

For even longer, the Sunday Times Rich List has been published annually – a showcase of humans with magpie-like tendencies to hoard and hide more cash than could ever be spent. It’s easy to laugh at these guys, until you realise they wield great power and wealth in a way that corrupts the political process and forces us to listen to their dodgy opinions – and look at their dodgy suits.

It goes without saying that our lives are immeasurably enriched by the work of many innovators (think how dusty our skirting boards would be without Sir James Dyson). But as billions sit idle and wasted in private bank accounts, innovative ideas for the world’s problems go unfunded and people go hungry. While that might say more about our political system than the individuals themselves, we can still have a bit of fun. Because, you know, if you don’t laugh…

All wealth data based on the Sunday Times Rich List 2019.

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  • Andy says:

    Although this makes for an interesting read, it’s worth remembering that these people may not actually have cash wealth. Their wealth is tied up with the value of companies they founded. James Dyson started from nothing and built his company up through sheer inspiration and hard work and employs thousands in the UK (even though manufacturing no longer takes place here). Hargreaves Lansdown took a risk with their own money and, again, launched a company that has become incredibly successful.

    This is purely the politics of envy. We are all free to start our own businesses although, unfortunately, only a few of us will be so successful

    • Lewis says:

      No cash wealth? Come on, it’;s safe to say these guys are not living even in the same galaxy as the breadline. Read again – Hargreaves admits he has £3 billion just hanging around. But the bigger point is that they are using their wealth and the influence it buys to promote policies which will prevent others having the opportunity to make it in life. A no-deal Brexit will make it much harder for anyone trying to start up, maintain or grow their own small business. The only people who will survive no-deal intact are those who are already hugely rich, in fact they stand to profit even more from the subsequent deregulation at the expense of everyone else, which is why at least 3 of these 4 four support it.

  • Jon says:

    Couldn’t agree more Andy. Ironically the four people mentioned have done more for the prosperity of Bristol and surrounding areas than any other people. They have reinvested huge amount monies and helped forge a prosperous future for many.
    I wonder if Mathew did another article on the positive impact these people have had it may well be a much longer and more appropriate read.

    • matt h says:

      I disaggree andy and jon, there’s no reason to be that rich. The idea of rich people bringing wealth to us all is surely long long dead…..

      I can’t swear hear so theres not much more I can add

  • Paul W says:

    Andy, Jon – bang on! More left wing envy…. “oooh he’s got more money than me and subscribes to a different viewpoint, it’s so unfair”.

  • Paul W says:

    Matt H – the article is a pitiful example of left wing envy and anger. Your confusion is understandable because you naturally assume everyone agrees with your slanted, leftist bigotry. Surprise, surprise – we don’t!

    Andy and Jon – I applaud you!

    • matt h says:

      Hey Paul,
      please can you explain how the article is pitiful and can you explain my “left wing envy and anger” i’m quite intrigued?

      Mostly i’m really interested as to how the article is bigoted?

      It is obviously slanted towards a low income/working class perspective which I do welcome in a list of greedy hoarders :)

      Good work Matthew Hollinshead (to be clear i’m totally *not* this elequant author)

    • S says:

      People are starving. How dare you say that this article is pointless? All it is doing is highlighting how a few rich people could work together to solve one of the worst problems which has persisted through human history – poverty. Your comments suggest that you are condoning such vile behaviour therefore you are nothing but a heartless ignorant worm.

  • Titus says:

    Articles like this just make the Cable look amateurish and unprofessional. How did it get past the editors ( or maybe they are as immature as the writer)?

    The article just smacks of empty resentment and envy. Good for them if these people have made lots of money. It doesnt mean I am any poorer because of it.

    Report on meaningful things and stop the empty criticising.

    • m says:

      It’s meaningful and important to criticise hoarding behaviours of super rich individuals particully in society that through austerity has killed 120,000 of the most ill and disabvantaged people (according to the lancet) since Tories got in on the exscuse that the goverment is too strapped for cash.

      In a society this unequeal this sort of reporting is essential and is exactly why I support the cable.

      Stop your empty criticism titus

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