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Desmond has been accused by some of being a police informant, due to his work with local institutions and the police, a claim he strongly refutes as ridiculous.

Now at the forefront of conversations to reform the criminal justice system locally and nationally, Desmond Brown is an advocate for racial justice, especially since the Tasering of Ras Judah by police in 2017.

Desmond has been accused by some of being a police informant, due to his work with local institutions and the police, a claim he strongly refutes as ridiculous. The former chair of Bristol’s Commission for Race Equality, Desmond is now the Independent Chair of Avon and Somerset Police’s Lammy Review Group. The group, the first to be established outside of London, has been set up to help the police force and local justice system implement the 2017 findings of David Lammy MP’s review into the treatment of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) individuals in the Criminal Justice System. 

He talks with Neil on knife crime, police discrimination of which he has suffered, and his work with Growing Futures, an organisation working with disadvantaged communities.

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  • Anne says:

    The injustice system needs looking into for every race or creed. It’s a very corrupt system with those at the top getting away or covering up for others. Us working class get put away for the lies they make up. Believe me I know. I’ve witnessed this first hand. Bloody corruption in the justice system. It needs bringing down along with all the corrupt b******s running our country

  • Anne says:

    The justice system, police, cps and the government are all corrupt no matter what yr ethnicity. Justice for all. This system needs bringing down. I have witnessed the corruption first hand. It’s a disgrace

  • Zack Henry says:

    Do you have an Instagram page, I want to post so it will reach more people

  • Zack Henry says:

    Do you have an Instagram page ?

  • justjase says:

    Refund policing, spend the money on community building enterprises also in areas like mental health support, youth work/clubs, buddying schemes, education courses and the likes. Then witness people develop better self worth, become more community orientated and the crime rates drop as we look out for eachother. alienation and isolation (amongst poverty and boredom) being the main causes of mental health issues and crime. Heavy policing exacerbates the cause and it’s a viscous circle.

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