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Some conservatives of colour are speaking up in rejection of what they see as dominant ‘woke’ views in the raging debate on the legacy and current effects of racial injustice

*Please note that this interview was recorded shortly before Williams announced that he would now run for West of England Metro Mayor, instead of Bristol Mayor.

Samuel Williams, the mixed-heritage Tory hopeful for West of England’s Metro Mayor in May 2021 is one such voice. He chats with Neil about feeling patronised by the Left, being ostracised by others in the Black community, his views on the city and the Conservative Party’s successes and shortcomings in appealing to diverse communities.

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  • Eric Green says:

    Excellent interview with Samuel Williams. Good to give a person the opportunity to express and explain themselves in this way.

  • David Angel says:

    Excellent interview. Very interesting.
    It’s struck me as a strange piece of mental gymnastics, the way Samuel Williams attributed the individualism associated with Thatcherism to the “left-wing” and then puts lack of success down to individual failure (rather than structural issues). Is he trying to have his (classical) liberal cake and eat it?
    I was concerned too that his take on Black history echoes Trump’s immortal line of, “I think there is blame on both sides,”

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