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The challenge and opportunity: The Cable’s climate crisis special is out now

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The defining issue of our time is the climate and environmental emergency. In the small way that we can, the Cable wants to contribute to tipping the scales in the right direction. Starting with the 24th print edition of the Cable, out now!

This issue marks the start of a special series on the climate crisis, how it’s affecting us here in Bristol and what we can do. It’s only nine years from Bristol’s self-declared zero emissions target deadline and the clock is ticking.

We will be building on and investing more in reporting on this area, and drawing the dots between what can sometimes feel like a distant threat but is intimately linked to health, equality, economy and local issues.

That means vigorously holding power to account, but also recognising limitations of institutions like the council, and giving credit where due. It means highlighting great initiatives, imaginative solutions and action that give hope. But also not shying away from the fact that to address climate change we need to confront and change some of the very foundations of our economic system, and the politics and power that upholds it, right here in Bristol and beyond. This needs to happen fairly, and urgently. But there is hope.

And we’ll be involving readers in that effort in the coming weeks.

In this issue, in covering fossil-fuel pension investments to achievable green solutions from around the globe, we bring you environment stories about the good, the bad and the ugly.

We also cover plenty of other issues in this edition, from dodgy van dealers to the racist murder of Mikhail Hanid and the 2021 census that aims to capture a snapshot of society in the midst of the pandemic.

We’ll take you on a trip back in time with Soviet spy stories and also to the future, looking at what’s next for Bedminster’s East Street, and much more.

The slogan of our first Cable cartoon best illustrates the underpinning ethos of this issue and the Cable as a whole –  “Pulling together”. If we want to understand and address the big issues, be it the environment or Covid-19, the housing crisis or the criminal justice system, we need to work together.

At the Cable, with the support of 2,300+ members, we’re doing just that.

To get the climate special delivered in the post, simply become a Bristol Cable from £3 a month and build a new kind of newspaper.


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