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Listen: Bristol Unpacked with Nicola Bowden-Jones, the ex-Labour councillor who says the mayoral system is ‘sexist and anti-democratic’

Part three of four episodes in a mini-series dedicated to understanding what’s at stake in Bristol’s upcoming mayoral referendum on 5 May.

Listen: Bristol Unpacked with Neil Maggs

Nicola Bowden-Jones was at the heart of Bristol’s Labour Party for years, but is now at odds with the city’s Labour administration in a big way. Having resigned amid a dispute with the mayor, Bowden-Jones is now campaigning to scrap the role altogether on the basis that it is anti-democratic.

Some say this is a personal vendetta against Marvin Rees, but Bowden-Jones says for the city to move forward the mayor must be scrapped. Listen to the third of our mini-series on Bristol’s referendum.


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  • I’m not sure the Mayoral system per se is sexist but I recall a comment years ago suggested women don’t pick up on gossip in the male toilets. Easy solution in 2022 ban single gender toilets as at UWE.


  • Do we always must assume racism when a person of colour is criticised? I don’t think that’s fair.


  • Must we always assume…

    sorry, grammatically mistake.

    But seriously. These accusations of being racist, transphobic, anti-semite etc can be used as weapons to silence any criticism or counter opinion. These accusations might be founded, might be unfounded. Dare to discern.


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