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Do you think the Bristol Cable is an exciting project with potential to grow?

Do you want to help us improve what we’re doing, further benefit Bristol and secure our future as a new model for media?

If so, then apply to become one of our voluntary Bristol Cable directors. We ask for only a few hours of your time and experience throughout the year.

Cable directors are elected by the membership on an annual basis at our Annual General Meeting. 2022’s AGM will be held on the Tuesday 1st November.

Read on for more information about standing to be a director. Apply by 23:59pm on Sunday 16th October.

Applications are now closed

Since launching the cooperative in October 2014, the Cable staff (the ‘coordinators’) have been supported by an amazing board of directors, who act as critical friends and advisors to the co-op. See the current board here.

Being a board member is a responsibility but also a rewarding, varied and interesting role – and a key way to contribute to the Bristol Cable and help it succeed. It’s also a great opportunity for developing your own skills and experience.

We do not expect people to know all about co-operative law, media or governance on their own, but work together as a team to make sure the Cable is thriving. Some of below might seem a bit obscure if you have not been a board member or trustee before, but please don’t let this put you off!

What is the role of a director?

Advice and guidance

Bringing your professional or lived experience, you will act as a sounding board for big strategy decisions and help us with any area specific expertise you may have e.g. media, law, accounting, HR, social enterprise, knowledge of a specific area of Bristol.

Hold the staff team accountable

The board makes sure that the Cable is performing its aims as laid out in our founding documents and as mandated by members (we’ll familiarise you with these in your induction). As part of the board, you’ll request finance update reports, evaluations, targets, reviews and ensure that decisions are being put to the general membership when necessary.


Your role is to ask the right questions of the coordinator team, to make sure the Cable is moving towards its aims. Please note: you’ll be checking up on the work of the coordinators, rather than doing this work yourself. 

Cable ambassador

You will spread the word about the Cable through your networks and communities, promote membership and awareness and look out for partnership or grant opportunities.

What is not the role of a director?

Operational and Editorial

Your role is not to act as an executive director, but rather to provide guidance and advice. The Cable board have delegated responsibility for operational (including editorial) decisions to the coordinator team so decisions made here are strictly the preserve of the relevant staff.

Person specification

The Cable board is aiming to be more representative of Bristol, we therefore particularly welcome applications from people of colour and those with a lived experience of disability.

Criteria to stand for election as a director of the Bristol Cable


  • Be aged 18+
  • Be a member of the Bristol Cable
  • Be seconded by a named Bristol Cable member
  • Be committed to the purpose, aims and values of The Bristol Cable
  • Be willing to devote the necessary time and effort to the role, in particular to attending and preparing for regular board meetings
  • Be willing to speak your mind but also be constructive about other directors’ and staff members’ opinions in discussions 
  • Maintain confidentiality on sensitive information and declare and manage (with the rest of the board) any conflicts of interest
  • Act responsibly, use sound judgement to make collective decisions and stand by them

At least one of the following:

  • Experience of fundraising and grant management
  • Experience of business development, including developing business models and organisational strategies
  • Experience in ethical sales and marketing for purpose-driven businesses
  • Experience of organisational and/or team development and facilitation
  • Active engagement or links with under-represented and marginalised groups in Bristol
  • Experience in the co-operative or social enterprise sector, or knowledge of progressive ways of working
  • Experience of campaigning, community organising or communication strategies

Practicalities of being a director

  • The average time commitment for a Bristol Cable Director is 4 hours per month. 
  • The Cable’s Board meets twice every two months for 1.5 hours each time.
  • Meetings take place on Tuesdays at 6:30pm in person at The Station on Silver Street.
  • Directors are expected to attend all board meetings. 
  • Ad-hoc advice or input may be requested in between meetings.
  • As a limited company, Director’s financial liability is limited to their share holding, which is £1.
  • Directors must not personally benefit from their role and this is a voluntary position. However, out of pocket expenses will be covered by the Cable.
  • New directors will be given an induction to the role on election.

Application process

  • Fill out the application form here by 23:59pm on Sunday 16th October.
  • We’ll send you an email to acknowledge your application.
  • Come to the AGM on November 1st (if this is not possible then please let us know by emailing workplace@bristolcable.org)
  • New board members will be elected from the candidates through an online vote which will be open from Wednesday 19th October and run until the AGM.
  • Election results will be announced at the end of the AGM and via email
  • Members can vote for any candidate but they will be presented with recommendations made by the Cable board. These recommendations will be based on candidates meeting the criteria above.

If you have any questions please email workplace@thebristolcable.org with the subject line “Standing for election to the Bristol Cable”.

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Stand to be a Bristol Cable director

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