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Listen: Bristol Unpacked on raising the next generation through a nursery crisis, with local head teacher Sam Williams

Nurseries are key to children’s development, but the sector is facing a protracted crisis of funding and stability. Neil asks head teacher Sam Williams how to give kids the best start.

Listen: Bristol Unpacked with Neil Maggs

Caring for the next generation of children in their early years is in large part entrusted to nurseries. But the sector is in a protracted crisis of funding and stability, both locally and nationally.

Childcare costs in the UK are among the most expensive in the world, and direct government support for nurseries has not kept up with increasing needs. Especially in the context of a nation battered by years of austerity and the impact of the pandemic. 

So how to do the best for our young’uns? Sam Williams is the recently appointed head teacher of Redcliffe Nursery School, which is one of a dwindling set of hard-pressed council-funded nurseries and is set within a diverse working-class community. Neil and Sam chat about the context, forward thinking approaches to child development and what has to happen to give all kids the best start.


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