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A breakdown of all the things we’ve managed to achieve for Bristol in almost a decade of reporting.


So you’ve watched me rattle through all the reasons why you, a Bristol Cable reader, should back the work we’re doing, and I managed to include a lot!

However, that’s just a fraction of what we’ve achieved since we launched almost a decade ago.

If you’ve got another 60 seconds or so, take a look at our expanded list of what the Cable has achieved for Bristol and, if you haven’t yet supported our work and become a member (and owner!), consider this a sign…

It’s time to #BackTheCable.

The Cable’s impact since 2014

Our membership model means that Cable journalists can focus on digging into important stories that can be costly and risky, but which help make Bristol a better place. 

Our journalism has improved local democracy, led to criminal charges, demystified council processes, been cited in parliament and used as a case study in research into the future of media.


  • We launched the Cable with a crowdfunding campaign, bringing together 100 people from across the city to form a media co-op


  • Our reporting contributed to human rights cases changing the way police use powerful surveillance tools



  • Following our #BootOutBailiffs campaign, Bristol City Council changed its policies on the aggressive use of bailiffs for council tax debts
  • We challenged stereotypes and media bias with an in-depth series on issues facing  Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities 



  • Our journalists kept going through the pandemic to bring readers up-to-date data on the spread of the virus, investigate conditions in care homes and hospitals, and support mutual aid efforts across the city
  • Shortlisted for the 2020 Orwell Foundation Prize
  • We built our own in-house membership platform, that we shared and continue to develop as an open-source tool for other membership media teams, and making us less reliant on Big Tech and protecting our members data
Independent. Investigative. Indispensable.

Investigative journalism strengthens democracy – it’s a necessity, not a luxury.

The Cable is Bristol’s independent, investigative newsroom. Owned and steered by more than 2,500 members, we produce award-winning journalism that digs deep into what’s happening in Bristol.

We are on a mission to become sustainable, and our first target is to raise our membership income by 50% within 12 months. Will you help us get there?

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  • We helped the city debate the implications of the Colston statue being torn down and the protesters standing trial
  • We exposed a dodgy Bristol carpentry firm that kept changing their name to avoid detection, after which several customers received hundreds of pounds in refunds
  • We won the Independent Media Association award for Most Innovative Print Publication
  • We won the Independent Media Association award for Local Journalism
  • The Cable was cited as a case study in Dr. Marianne Colbran’s book ‘Crime and Investigative Reporting in the UK’ for breaking stereotypes in reporting on marginalised communities
  • We uncovered the existence of flammable cladding in the wake of a tower block fire in inner-city Bristol, and told the stories of those affected


Phew! Here’s to the next decade – with your support, we can do it. The future of independent, hard-hitting media is in your hands. Please help spread the word.

Keep proper journalism alive. If you’re anti-corporations, anti-oligarchs, anti-bullshit, then it’s time to #BackTheCable

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