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From exposing human rights abuses to empowering local communities, the Bristol Cable has fought back while the mainstream media has spiralled deeper into crisis.

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We need 3,000 members Join us
We need 3,000 members Join us

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The pandemic has intensified a crisis in local media and beyond, just as it’s deepened our need for trust, accountability and community. 60 local newspapers have closed since January 2019 – that’s at least 785 jobs, with up to 5,000 more at risk following Covid cuts.


of local papers are owned by six major companies

Our award-winning newsroom is owned by over 2,780 local people. To help get us going, we’ve also been supported by grant funding, which covers just over half of our running costs. But that money is running out. 

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We need ten new members a day to reach our goal. If you feel let down by the media, frustrated by discrimination and click-bait, and inspired by what’s possible when communities pull together:

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Our Impact

Revealed: The true story behind the closure of privately-run mental health ward at Priory Bristol

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Finally exposed: How Lopresti ice cream boss kept men in slave-like conditions, tenants and families in squalor. But people spoke out.

In a Cable investigation spanning five years, a shocking story has been uncovered.

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Episode 1: Unmasking The Cornerman

This Bristol Cable investigation exposes one of Britain’s most elusive organised crime bosses after two decades in the shadows.

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