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If you are interested in advertising with us please contact Alison Fraser: / 0141 946 8708 or Michael York: / 01865 403339 , 07780 874279


Here are key points for advertisers and our members to consider:

  • 30,000 copies distributed quarterly and read by an estimated 50,000 people in the Bristol area.
  • The Cable is co-operatively owned and produced. It’s a unique publication, devoured by its loyal readership. The Cable is sent to members, distributed door to door in multiple neighbourhoods and placed in over 650 locations across the city (art and community centres, cafés, universities, libraries…)

  • With just five pages of prominently placed adverts per 40 pages of features, illustrations and investigations, your message is guaranteed to jump off the page.
  • The readership is engaged in local, social and green issues, events, courses and products.
  • The Cable has a shelf life of three months and is printed on high grade 52gsm paper.
  • There are over 2,200 paying co-op members who have a vested interest in the success and growth of the Cable. It is produced, owned and read by Bristolians who support an independent and local economy.
  • As stipulated in our advertising policy we apply strict standards and carefully select advertising partners with a focus on local, independent and ethical organisations. In this way advertising with the Cable means a mark of high quality for your organisation and useful information for our readers.
  • The Cable only hosts advertising in its quarterly print editions. We do not accept sponsored content or paid posts on our website.

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