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whistle by Ellen HardimanIt is concerning to think that the government and private corporations may be able to access our emails and other communications. Understandably, such threats to privacy (whether perceived or real) significantly hinder the work of a free press. There are also valid safety concerns for individuals wanting to publicise hidden or illegal practices within organisations. We at the Bristol Cable want to make it easy and safe for people to tell the stories that need to be told.

We don’t want to put you off sharing information that could help with a story or investigation. You don’t need to install specialist software, or even go to the post office, to get in touch. If you prefer to speak to us by phone then please contact:

Tel: 07533718547
(Also available via Signal and Whatsapp)

On our website we do not harvest visitors’ information and sell it to third parties like most magazines/newspapers’ websites do. However, at present we do use some Google email accounts. Our shared email addresses (eg use Google, our individual email addresses (eg do not. Find our email addresses on our team page.

If you would like to send us an encrypted email, one way is to use the Mailvelope addon, which can encrypt and decrypt emails using your chosen email provider. Our team page includes a list of Cable contacts and their corresponding gpg fingerprints (so you can be sure any replies are coming from the right person).

Alternatively, you could make a new email account using an email server which stores your emails encrypted like Tutanota or Proton Mail.

Below this is a contact form you can use to submit information to the Bristol Cable. If you access this page using Tor Browser when filling out the form, we would have no way of tracking where the information came from. You may also want to set up a new email address to use in the form.

If you are going down this route, it would be a good idea to use a system like Tails or at the least TorBrowser when setting up your new email account. And consider using an encrypted email server, as mentioned earlier.

    Can we contact you

    If you want to know more, it is also worth reading the excellent Information Security for Journalists, which details things to consider when submitting information to a news service anonymously. Wired also have a good guide with nice pictures.

    One of the safest methods of delivering information without it being tracked is to send us a physical letter. This is easy, cheap and requires no knowledge of internet security. Send letters to:

    The Bristol Cable, The Station, Silver Street, Bristol, BS1 2AG


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