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Removing Rough Sleepers Reports

Bristol will not be joining 11 councils refusing to co-operate on plans to deport rough sleepers

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Watch: Deliveroo Orders Rejected – a short documentary

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Exclusive: Council to “urgently” investigate Lopresti landlord business, but ice cream vans untouched for now

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Finally exposed: How Lopresti ice cream boss kept men in slave-like conditions, tenants and families in squalor. But people spoke out.

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In Hartcliffe antisocial behaviour is about more than young people acting up

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Ice cream boss Lopresti is slavery risk and banned from business, following Cable exposé

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Revealed: Evidence of racial profiling of thousands of British citizens by Home Office

City Investigations

Revealed: How the council flogged off public land in the face of austerity

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How two survivors of abuse were failed. And how they fought back.

Bristol And Beyond

Every week in Patchway, dozens of people face the long arm of the hostile environment

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Bad news for bailiffs, good news for citizens as council slashes use

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Hundreds of Bristolians face landlords with an ultimate legal power. But a rebellion is growing