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Bristol And Beyond

Every week in Patchway, dozens of people face the long arm of the hostile environment

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Bad news for bailiffs, good news for citizens as council slashes use

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Hundreds of Bristolians face landlords with an ultimate legal power. But a rebellion is growing

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The far-right bomb maker who wasn’t charged with terrorism offences

Ice Cream Slavery Case Reports

Lopresti ice cream bosses slavery trial date set

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UPDATE: Man detained in Easton immigration raid released after “further checks”

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Revealed: The aristocrats behind Totterdown’s unaffordable tower blocks

City Reports

100 people blockaded an immigration raid for seven hours in Easton last night

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The day gig economy workers struck back

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Update: Loprestis’ ‘No plea’ in slavery case

Reports City

Exclusive: Lopresti ice cream bosses face slavery charges

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Survivors and ACORN escalate campaign for accountability on safe houses