Colin Thomas

People's History

The Convict Architect and Cotham Conman

Francis Greenway’s death sentence in a Bristol court was commuted to transportation and through sheer luck and grit he became one Australia’s most famous architects

40 years ago, the far right in Bristol was faced down with music, pickets and ballots

Unlocking the cells: Bristol’s history of prison reform

Ideas and Action

Watch: Battling for Bristol – Archives of social justice

A short documentary on Bristol’s history of social justice struggle.

People's History

Bringing the fight against apartheid to Bristol

People's History

It’s not all strikes and marches: Bristol’s struggle for fun, leisure and knowledge

An unusual WW1 hero from Bristol

Walter Ayles is an unsung WW1 Bristol hero for unusual reasons. But next year, a century after he defied the authorities, he will finally get the recognition of a blue plaque on his former home in Ashley Down.

The Forgotten Forest Charter

Colin Thomas of the Bristol Radical History Group looks at the age-old battle over British land use

An age old question in Bristol: Elections or direct actions?

130 years ago Bristol workers made a direct challenge to the power structure of the time.