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A breakdown of all the things we've managed to achieve for Bristol in almost a decade of reporting.

The new fake news: how much of a threat does AI pose to journalism?

VIDEO: Jeremy Corbyn on local news, media ownership and politics for the many

The ancient hedgerow at Yew Tree Farm on a sunny day

This Week in Bristol

This week in Bristol: Demonstrators say council is “refusing to correct” conservation mistake

After accidentally giving a landowner permission to cut down an ancient Bristol hedgerow with protected status as a biodiversity haven, the council say there’s nothing they can do.

Avon & Somerset Police Chief Sarah Crew

This Week in Bristol

This week in Bristol: Rape charges double – to 8%

The exterior of the Tap and Barrel pub, Bedminster.

This Week in Bristol

This week in Bristol: Four Bedminster pubs close on same day (but one’s reopening)

This week in Bristol: Swimming pilot for Bristol Harbour announced

The mayor has announced a pilot project for harbour swimming that will be launched at the end of April.

This week in Bristol: Earthquake fundraiser organised by Bristol woman smashes £10k target

A JustGiving page organised by a Kurdish woman in Bristol has raised thousands of pounds in just a few days.

This week in Bristol: Fears for Bristol Central Library reignited despite council U-turn

Councillors say relocation of the Central Library from its historic location is off the table for this year only.

MPs recommend government funding to ‘revive’ local journalism

In a new report, MPs acknowledge that local journalism is in crisis, saying major outlets have compromised quality for clicks and more funding is needed to support local public interest journalism.

This week in Bristol: Harbour dwellers face massive fee hikes

The harbour master says raising fees is a necessity - but rises are above inflation, with one charge going up more than 700%.

This week in Bristol:  Lawrence Hill gets a ‘Lido’

Someone changed the name of the Lawrence Hill roundabout on Google Maps this week, after more than two months of flooding.