Eliz Mizon

MPs recommend government funding to ‘revive’ local journalism

In a new report, MPs acknowledge that local journalism is in crisis, saying major outlets have compromised quality for clicks and more funding is needed to support local public interest journalism.

This week in Bristol: Harbour dwellers face massive fee hikes

The harbour master says raising fees is a necessity - but rises are above inflation, with one charge going up more than 700%.

This week in Bristol:  Lawrence Hill gets a ‘Lido’

Someone changed the name of the Lawrence Hill roundabout on Google Maps this week, after more than two months of flooding.

Cable reporting inspires action on rogue landlord database

A win for transparency, as motion to address the city's private renting crisis passes, with the Cable acknowledged as a key contributor to the process.

This week in Bristol: Channel 4 u-turn a ‘victory’ for Bristol

The government's u-turn on Channel 4 privatisation indicates more jobs to come to its Bristol hub, and good news for the city's creative sector as a whole.

This week in Bristol: Parks budget cuts exceed existing budget

The latest council cost cutting plans include a £1.5 million cut to the council's £1.3 million parks budget.

This week in Bristol: The council wants your opinion on rent controls

In the news this week, the council is seeking residents' views on rent controls as it plans to lobby the government for more powers.

This week in Bristol: Politicians push for public control of buses

In the news this week, the latest raft of cuts to Bristol bus services has pushed local politicians to call for a radical change to the operation of transport in the region.

This week in Bristol: Mayor’s first State of the City Address since Bristol voted to scrap his role

Marvin Rees says the city still faces huge challenges, from the climate to inflation, but that significant action has been delivered over the past 12 months.

This week in Bristol: Historic hotel gutted by fire

The former Grosvenor Hotel, mired in controversy in recent years, has been destroyed by fire.

This week in Bristol: More Bristol workers taking strike action

It's possible that nurses could join postal workers and college staff on the picket line.

Taking back control in a male-dominated industry

Bristol’s Saffron Records continues to break barriers for women in the music industry.