Jenny Stringer

Edition 17

Fighting fires and austerity

Catching up with the union that fights for the rights of those who fight fires.

Watch: the women working on the tools and bucking the trend

People block developers profiting from Bristol’s housing crisis

Ideas and Action

Another victory for campaigners on Bristol’s slavery legacy as momentum builds

Momentum is building in the struggle for how Edward Colston, and slavery itself, should be remembered in Bristol in 2017.

Ideas and Action

How this Barcelona group is building community power

Ideas and Action

Analysis: Bristol’s next move should look to Barcelona

Eviction resistance at Camelot property

Campaigners celebrate after eviction of Camelot tenant is postponed by protest yesterday.

Collective re-organisation

In Bristol, people are turning to alternative unions like ACORN and the IWW to get their voices heard on critical issues such as housing and workplace inequality.

Video: What’s up with the council cuts consultations?

The council is planning to cut back on libraries, public toilets, school crossing patrols and adult social care. As the consultation roadshow comes to an...

Video: What impact for anti-austerity protest?

At the national demonstration organised by the People’s Assembly in London on Saturday 1st of July, the anti-austerity movement showed a resurgence.

Lettings fees ban: The lobbyists push back

Although the ban on tenant fees from lettings agents was hailed by many as a positive step forward for renters, the industry lobbies are gearing...

The legal case that could shape part of the housing crisis

We caught up with a Bristol lawyer to explain the significance