Jonathan Eldridge

Joy Hunt and Aadaya Adlam, Lockleaze


Inclusive or exclusive: can community-led housing schemes provide for people most in need?

In recent years Bristol has seen the development of several new community-led housing schemes, which are often driven by small resident groups – but also aim to house people in need of a social home. How is the model working out – and with funds shrinking, does it have a future?

Campaigners renew calls for metro mayor to bring struggling buses back into public hands

‘Instead of 20 people on the bus, we’ll have 10 taxis’: how cuts to Bristol’s buses are hitting BS3

Image of Jon Shepherd, a resident of the Merry Hill community-led housing scheme in Lockleaze (credit: David Griffiths)

Future of Cities

Small developments, big ideas: how Bristol’s community groups took housing into their own hands

A groundbreaking council 'land disposal' policy is helping citizen groups in Bristol to develop affordable homes. They can't hope to solve the housing crisis – but what impact can they have for local communities?


‘No-one should control this land. Everyone should have a say over it.’

Bristol Mayoral Referendum

How could the mayoral referendum result impact Bristol’s creative industries?