Maria da Silva

Addicted Bristol: Life and Death

An accident left him in constant pain. But medical cannabis is still out of reach.

While the legal barrier has been overcome, experts say it will take years before we have medical buy-in and affordable products.

The Bristol activist and portraits of invisible Britain, hope and resilience

Landmark medicinal cannabis reforms don’t go far enough, say campaigners


Universal credit: trying to sort fact from fiction

Universal Credit, the government’s new benefits system, is being rolled out in Bristol. We speak to three people who have kept a close eye on...


Why are young people turning to prescription drugs?


Private probation companies are sending more people to jail. But not for committing crimes

Listen: Powerful voices and stories of recovery from addiction

A selection of powerful stories of people going through recovery.

Night Stop: the people offering Bristol’s homeless young adults somewhere to sleep.

As the housing crisis deepens and homelessness is on the rise, some Bristolians are stepping up to help those falling through the gaps in provision

In other news….

A short round-up of interesting events taking place around the world. By Maria da Silva