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Lockleaze in Focus

The Cable wants to tell more stories from different parts of Bristol. That's why we're focusing on new a new area every three months. Last time it was Filwood, and now it's Lockleaze!

Help us find housing solutions of the future

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Have your say: What issues does Bristol most urgently need solutions to?

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The Galleries shopping centre


What do you think about plans to redevelop the Galleries?

Plans to completely redevelop the Galleries are being drawn up. But what do you want to happen to that space?

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The Bristol Cable wins funding for ‘The Future of Cities’ solutions series


Bristol media urges mayor to reverse ban on local democracy reporters from briefings

Bristol’s mayor shouldn’t cherry pick which journalists attend his briefings

Local democracy reporters have been banned from attending Marvin Rees’ press conferences, sparking a boycott from local media outlets.

Share your experiences of living in a high-rise

Do you have a positive story about the social aspects of living in a high-rise apartment building? Are you having problems with crime or antisocial behaviour, or with maintenance in a tower block that’s in disrepair?

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The Cable view: Time to build a new political system in Bristol

After voting to scrap the mayoral system, Labour and the Greens have the opportunity to form a progressive alliance. But Bristol’s political culture needs work, too.

How Bristol is run isn’t just a political debate. It impacts our everyday lives. 

We should care about the mayoral referendum in May because the importance of local democracy goes beyond the media and political bubble.

How do you feel about the end of Covid restrictions?

This week, the government announced it’s ‘Living with Covid’ plan – the end of restrictions in England. We want to know how people in Bristol feel about it.

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A look back at our 2021 AGM

Not your average media shareholder meeting.