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The Bristol Cable is a media co-operative – created and owned by over 1700 (and counting) people in the city. With free events and trainings, a multimedia website and a free quarterly print edition, The Bristol Cable is redefining local journalism through challenging multimedia, community action and cooperative ownership. Online, in print and on the street.

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Co-op news: Cable members launch into action!

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Members meeting: Sowing the seeds for a sustainable media co-op

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We need a public good when times are bad

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Edition 12 OUT NOW

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WON WHAT?! The press lost this election

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Distracted by the election frenzy? Read the roundup

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Help us track election adverts on Facebook

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Dont knock EastEnders, it has important lessons for us all

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We’re recruiting! Social Media Coordinator

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Finance Coordinator Recruitment

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Listen: Sneak peak on Cable Issue 11!

You need the Cable and the Cable needs you!