Matty Edwards

Local Elections 2024

As Labour and the Greens battle it out, how do their policies stack up?

Labour and the Greens are likely to be the two largest parties after Bristol’s local elections on 2 May, so we decided to delve beneath the rhetoric to see what they’d actually change.

Explained: WTF are Bristol’s local elections all about?

Listen: The Debrief, digging deeper into revelations of institutional racism at a local NHS trust


Bristol councillors vote down Marvin Rees’ final budget after bad-tempered debate

The Greens came under fire for voting against Labour’s plans without providing alternative solutions. With councils going bankrupt elsewhere in the country, the stakes are high as Bristol prepares to ditch its mayoral system.


Bristol rogue trader slapped with criminal order after victims built dossier to expose him

Cable Community News

Does the Bristol Cable have an editor? Not really…

Bristol’s Clean Air Zone is not exactly winning people over – but the data says it’s working

A new report shows air pollution has reduced both inside and outside the zone a year after it came into force. But many feel poorer people are being punished while traffic is just being rerouted around the city.

Revealed: More than 2,000 council tax debts sent to bailiffs despite ‘ethical approach’ promise

New data uncovered by the Cable throws into doubt Bristol City Council’s commitment to only use enforcement agents when people can pay but won’t.

As Bristol Beacon finally reopens, how did the refurb end up costing £130m and could it have been avoided?

At a time when councils are strapped for cash and spending is being cut across the city, how did the project to refurbish the city’s flagship music venue spiral out of control?

Clifton eyesore may undergo partial ‘community buyout’

After a decade of failed attempts to redevelop the former WH Smith building on Clifton Down Road, the owner is now in talks with local residents interested in buying back part of the site.

Listen: Why are people so attached to their cars? Bristol prepares for its first ‘liveable neighbourhood’

The council will soon launch a formal consultation on the controversial East Bristol Liveable Neighbourhood, before the trial traffic-restriction scheme comes in early next year.

Bristol’s cabbies are being put out of work by council licensing delays and mixups

Private hire and Hackney carriage drivers have had enough of the city’s licensing department, with some waiting needlessly for months for permits to be renewed before they can get back on the road.